Second Life

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Discover incredible experiences, fascinating people, and vibrant communities in this vast virtual world. Everything in Second Life – interactive 3D objects, unique experiences, global communities, and more – is created by people just like you.

Imagine it. Create it. Experience it.

Ways to make money in Second Life
Become a Merchant

Create and sell virtual items in a global marketplace. From hobbyists to professionals Second Life offers endless opportunities for 3D designers, modelers, scripters, and everyone in between to profit from their creativity.

Become a Landlord

Renting virtual land to tenants can be a very lucrative business – one Second Life landlord was even featured on the cover of Businessweek as “Second Life’s First Millionaire”!

Create Experiences

Create and monetize your own immersive games, music venues, dance clubs, adult entertainment spaces, or any virtual experience you can imagine.

Get a Job or a Gig

Earn Linden Dollars working full- or part-time for an inworld business. Clubs need hosts, talent bookers, DJ’s, and other performers. Stores often need salespeople and customer support staff, and creators are often seeking skill collaborators.

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