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VoidSpace is still in very early development. Status of the game is unclear, but follow the Reddit here to stay updated.

General Company Information:

VoidSpace takes place in The Void, which is an area of space the player’s character has been unwittingly catapulted into via a network of wormholes that exist in the universe. Characters cannot escape it and are forced to live among each other in The Void, fighting for the few available resources that manage to find their way into this desolate place through the wormholes.

The Void is also a place where the very physical nature of the universe is somehow different.

Because there are no NPCs in VoidSpace, anything that the player needs to progress in the game must be provided by another player, or himself. This paradigm opens the world up to an incredible number of business types and business models that the players can create. A business can be created around any player need, and it is not just limited to the buying and selling of raw materials or manufactured goods.

The game will allow players to perform Dogecoin transactions between each other. This will allow players to have in-game businesses that actually make them real money.

There are so many businesses that can be created, so here are some examples to spur your imagination:

  • Allow players to rent your infrastructure to build their inventions.
  • Sell your services as a defence contractor.
  • Act as a maintenance crew for a base/outpost while players are away.
  • Give other players rides from one place to another if they’re without a ship or if you can offer a safer passage.
  • Ferry smaller ships inside of larger carriers for a fee.
  • Store offline players, their ships, and/or their equipment in protected facilities for peace of mind while they’re offline.
  • Offer your services as a guard or patrol.
  • Offer your service as an intelligence agent and spy for weaknesses in other players bases.
  • Start a package delivery service that delivers sealed containers with goods.
  • Start a telecom company that delivers messages over a network of long distance communication nodes.
  • Start a bank that secures in-game currencies.
  • Provide loans and credit with interest.
  • Offer insurance for aspects within the game.

VoidSpace will allow for all of these types of businesses, and many many more.With the exception of real-money transactions, there will be no currency provided in the game world. Player groups will have to create their own in-game currencies in the same way they invent any other object. Just like in the real world, the larger player organizations with a stable government and a currency with wide utility and acceptance, will likely also have the strongest currency.

Players will also be able to optionally perform real-money transactions between each other in order to purchase goods or services. This will open up the possibilities for players to earn money from playing the game.

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