Hammercoin – Game with Bitcoin Market

IN ALPHA/BETA ($5 for early access)

Hammercoin is still in very early development. Status of the game is unclear (and at the moment, the in-game vendor seems empty), but follow the Reddit here to stay updated.

General Company Information:

Hammercoin is set in the desert World of Khan, where people are striving to find sources of Water, which have been disappearing without explanation. Your mission will be to uncover the mysteries of the deep caves where an evil force is gathering strength and may hold the secret of water.

A Bitcoin Economy

The game is denominated in the digital currency, and players can spend, trade, or win Bitcoin. Every account is a standard wallet that you can transfer to and from any service or app. There is a chance when killing monsters to drop “loot” prizes, which can be items or Bits (a fraction of a Bitcoin) that you can spend inside the game or send to an outside Bitcoin wallet.

The Block Market

There are multiple rare and powerful items which can be looted from enemies. All of those can be traded in the “Block Market”, where you can sell your findings, and buy what others have found. Prices dynamically change according to supply and demand. We’ll be adding new stuff each month as we expand the world of the game.

Can I win bitcoin inside the game?

Yes. Every time a monster is killed, there’s a chance to win a fraction of Bitcoin as loot. The chance depends on the number of transactions in the game: As more players buy items, there is more loot money, on the contrary, when players sell the loot chance is decreased. You can also win Bitcoin by selling rare items. Our business model is selling game accounts, so all bitcoin spent in the game world goes to other players. You can learn more about the economy here.

Hammercoin costs $5 (+VAT) and can be downloaded bought and downloaded from hammerco.in.

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