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Entropia Universe is an advanced 3D online virtual environment with a developed planetary system and one universal Real Cash Economy system. Each planet offers a wide variety of exciting entertainment. You can travel between the planets through space and socialize with people from all over the world.

It does not cost anything to join and there are no subscription fees. The Entropia Universe economy is built on an advanced micro-payment system, giving you as a participant a great freedom-of-choice.

All items in Entropia Universe have a guaranteed real-world monetary value (called the Trade Terminal value).

These items are useful for various activities and professions within Entropia, resulting in many items having a market value beyond their base Trade Terminal value. Items can be traded among colonists through the in-game auction, in player-owned shops, and in direct player-to-player (P2P) trades.

Colonists acquire resources, items and services from one another to be able to produce their own goods and services, just as in a real-world economy. These goods and services are then acquired by yet other colonists, who produce their own goods and services. And so on.

Thus, all colonists depend on one another to produce and provide all the things that life in Entropia requires.

Entropia Universe is a virtual world, but the economy is real!

PED – The Currency

Each day, tens of thousands of economic transactions occur between colonists in Entropia. The currency in Entropia Universe, is the Project Entropia Dollar, commonly referred to as PED. The PED facilitates all of these transactions.

The PED is tied to the US Dollar (USD) at a fixed exchange rate of 10 to 1, guaranteed by MindArk PE AB. Thus, 10 PED equals 1 USD. You can withdraw your earnings to your IRL bank account.

How To Get PED

Colonists can earn PED in different ways. From acquiring valuable resources and items through professions such as hunting and mining, or from investments such as land management and resource speculation.

Many activities often require PED to begin with. Hunters need to invest in weapons and armor, while miners need equipment and tools to unearth valuable resources. Entrepreneurs and market traders must have PED to invest.


Entropia Universe is in constant motion. It keeps expanding as new planets are discovered, each one different from the rest. As a participant today you can take part of the epic adventure of colonizing the Planet Calypso, visit the Hollywood-inspired ROCKtropia, explore the beautiful land of Next Island or go treasure hunting on Planet Arkadia. The opportunities are endless.

As a newcomer you will start by configuring your avatar to make it look like you want. From there, you will move on to either a customized start/tutorial area or directly to your home planet and then further on out into space and other planets.

To sign up to Entropia Universe, visit entropiauniverse.com.

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