ComPet – Mobile Game with Soft Currency & Real Cash PVP


General Company Information:

ComPet is a unique hybrid game combining pet-battling and base-building strategy where players compete in international online tournaments for soft currency or real cash.


Battle is turn-based and knowledge-based. Research a staggering range of abilities, kit out your pet and perform winning combos! Level your pets by Questing and fighting Forest Beasts. Sneakily raid offline players’ villages to steal their riches — but prepare to battle their Guard Pets!


  • Genuine Tactical depth
  • “Opponent-matching” option
  • Battle for real cash or soft currency
  • In-game chat
  • Leaderboard and ranking system


ComPet Pro Version

Players can compete for PED (“Project Entropia Dollars”) a virtual currency fixed at 10:1 to the US Dollar. ComPet Pro players can trade “Premium Battle Packs” for PED to enter the Arena — where they compete for an opponent’s Battle Pack. PED can be withdrawn to a player’s real-world bank account.

ComPet Lite Version

ComPet Lite has the gameplay of ComPet Pro but does not use PED. “Basic Battle Packs” are obtained with soft currency (Gold). Standard in-app purchasing is available in both versions.

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