Faucets are websites that give you Bitcoin & other  cryptocurrencys for free (they usually earn what they give away by having ads on their site). Don’t expect to get rich on them, and it’s a tedious pursuit filling in captchas all the time, but if you want to play around a little with bitcoins (or other altcoins) and are unable or unwilling to buy coins yourself, you could use a faucet to get started and get some coins for free!

All faucets are tested by us personally!

Faucets use advertisements. We recommend you to not click on any ads! Click here to read more!
All faucets use ads, some more annoying than others. There will be images with the text claim, that will trick you to an ad. Faucets live (and pay you) on ads, so you if you want to use them, get used to it.

Also, most of the time, you do need to turn off your ad-block. We try to deliver only the best (working) faucets on our regularly updated list! (If you find a faucet that stopped working, or something smells fishy, or you just want to add one to our list, please send us a message)

Remember that many legit crypto websites still have somewhat dubious commercials. We recommend you to NOT click on  ANY ads on the faucet sites! If something sounds to good to be true, it usually is. You can NEVER magically double your Bitcoins for example, no matter what the sites claim. If your not trading them on an exchange/market that is. Because, then you actually can. With luck and some skills.

Click here if you want to buy Bitcoins or other cryptos!

If you want to buy Bitcoin (and a few other crypto currencys, as Ethereum), we recommend CoinBase!
If you want to trade alot of different coins,we recommend Binance!
If you do not yet have a Bitcoin wallet, we recommend the free Blockchain.info wallet!
The wallets are easy to set up in minutes (but remember to write down your safety phrase and store it in a safe place, not online)!
Check out our crypto-page to learn some basics about Bitcoin & crypto currency!

Click here to learn how to set up a wallet and how to collect free coins from the faucets below!
Add your bitcoin/altcoin wallet address to the faucets/sites found in the list below.

Most faucets must be used with FaucetHub, CoinPot or Xapo Micro-Wallets (e-mail).
Register a wallet with them before you use such a faucet! It´s free!

We strongly recommend you to register with all of them!

With the FaucetHub & CoinPot micro-wallet, you will be able to collect several different coins.

Remember that you will need a wallet/address for each coin to link to your FaucetHub account before use.
We recommend using Binance as a wallet for each of the coins above (for simple use), and link them to FaucetHub.

*faucetlist updated 2017/12/27

2017 has been a special crypto year,  and all crypto currency’s has been going up in price like crazy, Bitcoin included. 
Many Faucets can’t keep up with the constant price increase, so some are running out of coins.
Be aware, and try to use instant paying faucets! Since the price of BTC changes daily, so does the payout
amount from faucets and some numbers might not be accurate! Check latest update date above!


FAUCETS (Collect Free Coins)

1Bit Funrising3 minCoinPotInstant4.5Get more satoshis with time from the faucet, earn from playing games & dice.
2Bonus Bitcoin20-500015 minCoinPotInstant4.5Old and trustworthy faucet.
3BTC 4 Free (1)3-115 minXapo/FaucetHubInstant4.5Pays direct and has a pretty simple captcha.
4BTC 4 Free (2)2-105 minXapo/FaucetHubInstant4.5Pays direct and has a pretty simple captcha.
5Moon Bitcoin4
5 min
CoinPotInstant4Old faucet. Recently added a miner that installs on your computer (and earn you more coins).
6Field Bitcoins1
5 min
15 min
200 satoshi
25,000 satoshi
4Trustworthy faucet that pays to Xapo almost direct, but low payout.
7XAPcom3560 minXapo300 satoshi4Some popups & captchas.
8FreeBitcoin14+60 minWallet30,000 satoshi4Faucet/Dice Roll every hour. Win up to 0.014 BTC. Also has a multiplier & lottery.
9GetCoinFree5-75 minFaucetHub5000 satoshi4Faucet, offer walls & games.
10 sec
30 sec
Wallet10,000 satoshi4You watch an ad for 10+ seconds before easy 3 number captcha.
11BlockFaucet1-5anytimeWallet25,000 satoshi3.5Free Bitcoins from faucet. You can also wager your coins.
10 sec
20 sec
Wallet35,000 satoshi3.5Earn bitcoins by watching ads.
13Moon Dash23
5 min
60 min
CoinPotInstant4Collect Dash Coins from Moon faucet.
14Moon Litecoin96
5 min
30 min
CoinPotInstant4Free LiteCoins (same as MoonBitcoin),
15GetFreeLitcoin100-40010 minFaucetHubInstant3.5Free LiteCoins. Click "withdraw" for instant payout.
5 min
60 min
CoinPotInstant4Free DogeCoins (same as MoonBitcoin),
17FreeDogeCoin0.09-17.260 minWallet100 doge4Free Dogecoins. Also has a multiplier/bet function.
18FreeBlackCoins10000010 minFaucetHubInstant4Free BlackCoins faucet. 2 captchas.
19Konstantinova1000005 minFaucetHubInstant4Free BlackCoins faucet.
20BlackCoinFaucet150000+60 minFaucetHubInstant3.5Free BlackCoins faucet.

GAMES (Play to Earn Free Coins or Wager/Bet for more Profit!)

1ChopCoin5-15 satoshi30 minWallet4000 satoshi4.5AgarioEarn BTC free or wager and compete against other players for the pot!
2SparkProfit--Wallet-4.5Market PredictionAlso an iOS/Andoid App. Make market predictions, earn $.
3Crypto RacersshiftingshiftingFaucetHub50,000 satoshi4CarMulti-player crypto game revolving around cars.
4PokeBits--Wallet50,000 satoshi3.5Pokemon ArenaA Pokemon arena"game" with a faucet.
5BitKong--Wallet25USD3.5Wager/BetWagering site. You can also get free coins here to wager every time your wallet is empty.


WITHDRAW: From 90,000 satoshi
 YoBit is not really a faucet, but a full exchange/market where you can trade & sell different crypto currency’s.
However, YoBit also has a section where you can collect many different free coins.


Try your luck at 20 free spins! The Casino has been up and running for many years. Keep what you win on your free spins and continue playing (but you need to turn over your win amount several times before withdrawal).


Are you interested in mining your own coins on your home-computer (or even mobile phone)?

Click here to learn how to get started in minutes for free!

We recommend MinerGatea very easy way to start mining your own coins in a simple program. You can download the software for PC/MAC/LINUX/MOBILE here (if you already know about mining, Minergate might not be the best option for you).

Do NOT trust all the so called “free” cloud-mining services. They usually pay you nothing, or demands an investment from your side before withdrawal. With MinerGate, you can see your mined coins coming into the included wallet, and withdraw them whenever you want (some coins have minimum withdrawal, so make sure you know how much before you start mining)! You will NOT be able to mine Bitcoin, since that would take way to long for a normal home-computer, so instead you mine alt coins (other coins based on blockchain technology). These coins can be traded for bitcoins at different exchanges (like Poloniex). You can mine both with CPU (slow!), and GPU (faster) and on your mobile (very very slow). Remember that your computer & graphic-card  can get very warm when mining.
To prevent overheating, realcasheconomy.se recommends the free software SPECCY, which gives you detailed information on every piece of hardware in your computer. It will also show you how warm your computer parts are! Superb when mining!

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