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If you want to buy Bitcoin (and a few other crypto currencys, as Ethereum), we recommend CoinBase!
If you do not yet have a Bitcoin wallet
, recommends the free wallet!
It’s very easy to set up in minutes (but remember to write down your safety phrase and store it in a safe place, not online)!

If you want to trade Bitcoin and other crypto coins, we recommend Binance.

Remember that most trading on crypto currency is just speculation, and that prices can swing up & down drastically in a very short time. Don’t bet your life savings on any random shitcoin. Research, and make informed decisions. Even big exchanges can get in trouble, and if you are new and interested in using exchanges/trades, please read this article about the downfall of one of the largest exchanges, Mt.Gox.
And everything about coins is not about speculation, as some games (listed at this site) for example base their economy on blockchain technology!

If you do not find the coin you are interested in on, be very careful! These are all existing coins traded on known exchanges/trades. If you can’t find the coin you are interested in on Coinmarketcap, it is either a ICO/Initial Coin Offering (be careful here to), a scam (like Onecoin, and most if not all daily % investment ponzis), a somewhat dead coin, or something completely different. Again, research and make informed decisions.


Are you interested in mining your own coins on your home-computer (or even mobile phone)?

Click here to learn how to get started in minutes for free!

We recommend MinerGatea very easy way to start mining your own coins in a simple program. You can download the software for PC/MAC/LINUX/MOBILE here (if you already know about mining, Minergate might not be the best option for you).

Do NOT trust all the so called “free” cloud-mining services. They usually pay you nothing, or demands an investment from your side before withdrawal. With MinerGate, you can see your mined coins coming into the included wallet, and withdraw them whenever you want (some coins have minimum withdrawal, so make sure you know how much before you start mining)! You will NOT be able to mine Bitcoin, since that would take way to long for a normal home-computer, so instead you mine alt coins (other coins based on blockchain technology). These coins can be traded for bitcoins at different exchanges (like Poloniex). You can mine both with CPU (slow!), and GPU (faster) and on your mobile (very very slow). Remember that your computer & graphic-card  can get very warm when mining.
To prevent overheating, recommends the free software SPECCY, which gives you detailed information on every piece of hardware in your computer. It will also show you how warm your computer parts are! Superb when mining!

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