The term Real Cash Economy (RCE) probably originated as a term connected to the game Project Entropia (today called Entropia Universe, or Planet Calypso). But how will we here at realcasheconomy.se use the term RCE?

What you will find here at realcasheconomy.se is information, news, reviews and discussions about crypto currency’s, virtual and open worlds, content creation & blockchain gaming/betting. The currency used could be either $ or Bitcoin (or any other crypto currency as Ether, Bitcrystal, Dogecoin, etc), all under the term “Real Cash Economy”. Some apps/games might be free for you to use and download, while others could cost you money to buy (or through deposits). Some games/apps will involve only small amounts of money (mostly crypto related apps), while others, as Entropia Universe or Second Life, have made a few lucky once millionaires.

We recommend you to always be responsible and careful when using “real money” online, or in a virtual world. Research what you are interested in thoroughly before you invest your money, and everything will turn out just fine. There is always way’s to get started for free, but just don’t expect to get rich that way 🙂

At realcasheconomy.se we sometimes use referral links when we link to interesting stuff, and we do use some adds. We hope that this is acceptable for you, and that you still will enjoy browsing around our site for information. If you find anything out of order, or fishy on our site, please let us know and we will correct it!